Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cue the Hitchcock Music

For the record.
For the long-delayed record.
For the taking-for-frickin'-ever-to-transcribe record, heading into the Panama Trip, my plan was to incorporate as many New Things into this adventure as possible!

I’m fully aware that this goes against a 50 New Things Rule that I may have mentioned at the beginning of this adventure. Something vague and fuzzy about how I wouldn't be squeezing multiple New Things into a single event.

I think my exact words can be found HERE.
They read something like this.....

·         I will try to keep from 'lumping' multiple New things into one event. 

  • For instance, if I play my first round of golf, do a Jello shot at each hole, tag the golf cart with graffiti and put the whole thing on YouTube.....that is NOT 4 New Things. Feels like 'cheating.' 

Also, for the aforementioned record….. (disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer)
the trip to Panama happened with just five weeks left until the end of my Year of New Things.
Five weeks!  Tick, tick, tick.  
And I was only on the 34th New Thing. Count them.....34!
That meant ...... (math in my head) ....... that I'd need to accomplish sixteen ... SIXTEEN ... New Things in the next five weeks. That's more than, let’s see…. (more math)… um, three New Things per week. Yikes. This felt insurmountable.
Have you seen the pace I've allowed myself thus far? I'm the proverbial hare resting under a tree, painting her nails and giving little care to the dead line up that's about to fly by ......whoosh!

I hereby confess. 
As I was about to leave for my first international trip and wearing a fierce anxiety about my ability to accomplish sixteen New Things in the few weeks left until my 51st birthday, I did willfully and deliberately plan to include at least two additional New Things while in Panama.
And the two I knew for sure that I'd include were: 1) Swim in the Caribbean Sea and 2) Surf  (Or, at least attempt to surf. Hell, I was prepared to settle for just standing on a surf board, preferably on a body of water. As opposed to atop a 1948 Ford Woody. Although that would have been a New Thing, as well.)

So, as I packed and prepared for my trip, I thought "Off she goes.....adventure and multiple New Things directly ahead!" 
Panama, Swimming in the Caribbean and some form of Surfing that involved water.