Friday, May 1, 2015

Breaking News!

If you could have ANY superpower (absolutely not to be used for evil), which would you have? The standard top ten superpowers probably have arguably equal merit.

My personal Dream Superpower has always been Time Travel.
Or at least 'Always' from some time in the early eighties. (At least one pivotal event from college would go differently if I had possessed a top ten superpower or a .357 S & W.)

Time Travel being my true choice, you can imagine how hard it was not to make the title of this post :"Back to the Future."
As it stands, surely there's some Copyright Karmic Credit coming my way.  So I've got that going for me.

This 50 New Things Blog, that I take at my leisure (stopping time), allows me the ability that I so desire! Which includes traveling back in time to report the year of 50 New Things. I can also travel forward  to the present, in order to honor, an exceptional moment that requires timely documentation. Hold onto your Flux Capacitor.

"Live at the scene!"

Taking a real-time break from the 50 New Things reporting, let's go out to the water's edge along Ruston Way.
Happy 3rd Birthday, Miss Sequoia! 
(Or as she sometimes insists on being called, Princess Queen Ballerina Puppy!!)

Three candles on the rare and elusive frosting covered treat. 

 Princess-pink flowers, stripes and bows

Apparently I was the only person who heard the photographer's directive, 
"Do a crazy face!"

Balloons, the beach, frosting, candles, laughter, singing Happy Birthday!
Life gets no better than this!!

Happy Birthday, Magical Pixie Child!!

Now back to you in the studio, Anchor Stud, for continued coverage of the 50 New Things!