Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Catching My Breath

I feel the need to 'recap'...(okay, yes...'recap' may actually mean 'brag' in this case)...

Three 'New Things' in THREE DAYS!
  • July 27: Harley Ride
  • July 28: Drumming Debut
  • July 29: Autocross Ride-a-long
I love this.

And Two of the Three New Things were 'Helmet Required.' I could have made it three for three and worn a helmet for the drum performance but I decided to take my on the edge.
Or in the spirit of what someone told me just recently "Safety Third!"

I am absolutely thrilled with how things have started. A great kick-off. Things happening faster than I could blog. Who knew?

But enough of that. Time to proceed.

Looking ahead to New Thing #4 and Beyond, it feels important to mention that I know I can't keep up this pace. Not the frequency. Not the adrenaline.

Nor would I want to.

"So Barbie, what's the next crazy thing you're doing?"
"NEW thing!" I correct them soundly. "Not necessarily 'crazy.' New. New thing."
You people are way too eager to risk my life and limbs.

'NEW' is my only criteria. Okay, well not my only criteria. I also need the Thing to 'speak' to me. On one level or another, it needs to be a good match for my heart, my spirit, my energy, my future.

The first three things were all on a similar frequency for me.
Exciting, invigorating, adrenaline-inducing.

And of course, I need New Things that test my courage and imagination, Things considered risky or unusual. But I also need New Things that will potentially nourish my soul. Peaceful, introspective and enlightening Things.

For example:
'Homebody' that I am, traveling to a foreign country would test my courage.
Where as perhaps, learning to knit might nourish my soul. I won't know until I try.

I'm telling you this for two reasons:
  1. Because New Thing #4 is a gentler and sweeter Thing. Risk and courage were not the point. (Details to follow in next post.)
  2. AND because I seek your help. Your thoughts and suggestions. Even volunteers. 
The list of 50 New Things is fluid. I have a good healthy list started but I want to be open to ideas beyond my own.
I also want to, need to, be open to all levels of New Things:
  • Big-ass, scary things (sky diving), 
  • Unusual "Is that a real thing?" things (Trike Flying), 
  • Less Obvious things.

I want all suggestions, but I especially covet your ideas for the Less Obvious.
(My #4 Thing falls into this category.)

For instance....
let's say I'd never learned to use chopsticks or drive a stick shift.
Say I'd never picked up a hitchhiker or bought lunch for the car behind me at the drive up window.
Slurped down a raw oyster or slugged down an Irish Car Bomb.
Now I have done each of these things prior to My 50 New ones, but these are perfect examples of Less Obvious suggestions.

(Thanks to Jackie for the car bomb thing!!)

I've come up with a few...
  • I've never had a Jello shot. (I can't count how many people have volunteered to 'help' me with this one.)
  • I've never 'tagged' a building, a bridge, a fence, Any thing.
  • I've never made homemade ice cream.
  • I've never created a YouTube video.
  • I've never played a round of golf. 
...and these specific New Things may show up in the coming year.....or not. We will see. But I need more of this type of things. They might not be New to you, but may be New for me. We won't know unless you speak up. Please be thinking. In other words.....Help! You can 'Comment' your suggestions here, email me or tell me directly. I need your suggestions from both ends of the universe.

Post Script:
It is my goal to keep this 50 New Things adventure as Rule-free as possible. At the same time, there are two things that I intend to hold myself much as I can.

  • I will try to keep from 'lumping' multiple New things into one event. 
    • For instance, if I play my first round of golf, do a Jello shot at each hole, tag the golf cart with graffiti and put the whole thing on YouTube.....that is NOT 4 New Things. Feels like 'cheating.'   
  • I will also try not to 'create' a New Thing on a technicality. 
    • For instance, say I'd never been to the Museum of Glass but I've been to all kinds of other museums in my lifetime. Going to a different type of museum doesn't really count. It won't feel like I'm really honoring my intent to reach beyond my previous experience or my comfort zone. Now if I travel to Liverpool to visit a Beatles Museum? Totally counts!  


  1. Writing poems and stories and handing them to complete strangers.

  2. Jumping off a bridge. Home Bridge, Ollala, purdy bridge (Or the Tacoma Narrows Bridge if you can figure out a way to get a bungee cord connected, then jump and bounce and hang until the police come and arrest you.)

  3. Get arrested! (Unless you have already done this)

    1. I have never been arrested. (Would you come bail me out?)

  4. Drop acid! (Woo!)

    Fly in a helicopter with your grandchildren

    Not necessarily at the same time of course...

  5. Plant a tree

    Arm wrestle a stranger

    Play in a poker tournament

    Ghost ride a bicycle down a big hill or into a lake or river

    Go target shooting

    Go paintballing

    Get kicked out of a movie theater

    Get kicked out of a mariners game by cheering too loudly for the Mariners

    Go to the Seahawks season opener

    Paddle around in a canoe

    Take a train and go see the fall foliage in New England in person

    Post videos of yourself reading your own stories on Youtube


    1. This is a great list....

      Between being a Campfire Girl in grade school and being formerly married to a landscaper, I've planted a few trees over the years.

      I would love even going to SEE a poker tournament. I can try playing in one. Although I think my face gives me away. (I'm no good at pretending.) And I'd be in WAY over my head, as basic poker strategy escapes me. But I think it would be a blast. In fact this reminds me, I've never gambled at all in a casino. So that's another New Thing.

      I have a willing volunteer for a day at the shooting range. This will be one of the 50.

      I have never been to ANY Seahawk's game. Season opener would be more than I'd hoped for.

      Pretty sure I've never been kicked out of anything. Wait, I was kicked out of French class in high school once.

      And I wonder what 'Ghost ride' means...I may need more details. (Whatever it is, sounds more appealing than jumping off the Narrows...)

      I have panhandled.

      I hadn't thought of a canoe but am looking into a kayak. In fact, I don't think I've been in any type of 'boat' on the Sound.

      Reading my own stories on YouTube..... I wonder why that sounds so scary to me. That will definitely be facing my fears.

    2. Poker tournaments are not that expensive. Maybe 25 bucks to play at most bowling alley card rooms. Even if you just wanted to watch, you might feel awkward hanging around looking over other peoples shoulders. Pay to watch up close, fold every hand if you want to. Or you can play and something surprising just might happen. Maybe you wouldn’t be in over your head. Maybe you would be a ray of light and space magic like Anne of Green Gables, or Stargirl Caraway in a regular and mundane scene, transforming it with laughter and joy against their wills. And besides, beginners luck is a real thing. IF you did enter, I bet you would cash.

      Ghost riding is basically riding or pushing your bike fast then hopping off and trying to see how far it will go with nobody on the seat. It was retarded, but amusing at the same time. We used to have this big hill when I was a kid and one time a ghost rider bike went way down the hill then turned the corner and disappeared down a dirt road. We all chased after it but when we turned the corner the bike was gone. Vanished! I still like to imagine that riderless bike rolling along all these years later dodging cars and scaring cats lol

      Canoes are more fun because two people. And life tastes better when you share.

      The world needs your stories in as many ways as we can get them. Hearing you read your words on youtube will make the world a better place. DO IT!

  6. Have you ever volunteered in a soup kitchen?

  7. I've been arrested, it's not all that glamorous. Ditch that idea. Golf, I know a guy who will take you to play golf, and will even ask what you are wearing. New England in the is truly breath taking, I have connections and places you can stay for free. Ever deep cleaned a friends house? For fun? While the soup kitchen thing may be new, it seems too nice of a gesture to be included in the 50 thing, thing. Kayak on the sound, I know a guy with a new one! Maybe you can kayak and golf at the same time? I have spray paint, we can tag......a cop car. How exciting would that be? Foreign country? Which one, where and when, we are outta here. Don't worry, just to show you are brave, I will dump you in the middle of a city where no one speaks English or French. And you will survive it. Nurture your soul? I can teach you to knit. Or embroider, that's more fun anyhow. The only bridge to jump off it highway 1, Florida Keys, only about a 4 ft drop into warm turquoise water. Stay away from Ollala and Purdy! I think writing a bit of porn and posting THAT on you tube with you reading it is a good way to go. Whatever it is, I'll back ya up, except that jail thing. They have wool blankets and I am allergic.

  8. French Kiss a French woman

    Go into a mosh pit and try to body surf

    Visit an astrologist or a fortune teller. Have have them perfom some palmistry or a tea leaf ceremony or a tarot card reading. More Trewlany, less Umbridge.

    Enter a hot dog eating contest and when everyone else is scarfing, casually eat just one hot dog with catsup and mustard and relish and onions and sourkrout (sp). All that good stuff. Savoring every bite. Ha! Just kidding. Eat as many as you like. :)

  9. You have a great sense of humor. I bet you would kick butt if you got up in front of a crowd on Open Mike Night and did a stand up comedy routine. Just a few minutes worth of anecdotes, observations and jokes things like that. Invite a group from work and people will cheer you on and give you love and support. For sure for sure.

    Have you ever sung Kareoke? You could find someone to do a duet with if you are nervous.