Saturday, February 15, 2014

34th New Thing ~ Panama : Off We Go

There are many developments and a few New Things between booking our flight in April and boarding our flight in June. But all the while, Panama looms on the horizon. Ready or not.....

June 19, 2013

Traveling internationally for the first time.
Adventuring to the country that my daughter and her family have decided to call Home.

A big FAT New Thing.
And in fact, it was such an intensely personal New Thing, I will not be writing about it here.

Plus, I'm incredibly and laughably behind in the writings of the New Things and feel the need to move faster. So, in lieu of the elaborate and drawn out story-telling that I love with all my well-intentioned, often misguided heart....I'll simply be posting a tiny ripple of the pictures we've taken for New Thing #34.

My beautiful Pacific Northwest skies.

Jackie's Panama Counter & Graduation Nails

Just a tiny bit terrified.....does it show?

Flying into the sunrise.

Lay-over in Miami.
(My first time on the East Coast. My first time in Florida.
New Things #35 & 36?? No? Okay, never mind.) 

Landing in Panama.

I haven't seen Sequoia in five months. 
And she hasn't seen me.....
"BB who?"

"Oh, that BB!" 

Of all the 'sights' in Panama, this face is my favorite!

There's a thunder storm every day we're in Panama.
And, in fact, there are also storms on the flight down and the flight back home. Everyday for nine days, I celebrate rain and lightening and the thundering voice of the ominous clouds!
The weather gods know my name.

Because there are so many pictures of this New Thing, 
let's break them down into manageable segments.  Kind of like 'square-foot blogging.'

Square One:
Air travel and arrival, 
Atmospheric acclimation
Abundant appreciation for being with Sequioa


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