Friday, July 26, 2013

July 26, 2013

You know I'm not sure what happened to July 25th. Suddenly it's the 26th.

I've juggled the options in my head for a couple days.
Paper or plastic?
Chicken or steak?
Ginger or Mary Anne?
Too...many...choices. No, not really.
These answers are easy ones: Paper, Steak and Mary Anne.
(Although what grocery store freely offers that paper/plastic option anymore, I'd like to know.)

It's two days after my 51st birthday and either I've achieved 50 New Things over the past 52 weeks....or I haven't.

The question is whether to reveal if I made it or not. This is a choice not so easy as Shatner or Picard.
Shall I write here in the form of a "50 New Things Full Disclosure" post?
Or a "50 New Things 'What Is That Mysterious Ticking Sound'" post?

As of today, the most recent New Thing posted here is #25. (The Soltura workshop, from way back in early May.) 25 is far from 50. And it's quite off schedule, if I'm holding myself to exactly one New Thing a week. (It's sure a good thing I didn't do that!)  

Current dilemma:
If I skip ahead and tell you how things 'ended,' this third week of July 2013, then it feels like the screeching Spoiler Alert Alarm will sound. Cat out of the bag, and all.
On the other hand, if I don't reveal the outcome now, I'm guilty of the suspenseful and infuriating cliffhanger.

As I weigh my options and my words here, it turns out that the decision isn't so difficult after all.
I will not say, right now, whether I've completed 50 Things or not. But I will say that since post #25, many interesting New Things have happened and so for now I'll keep writing.

I don't mean to be evasive....or maybe I do. Which ever. For now, I'll completely disregard the date on the calendar and continue the writing. We'll have to wait to see the outcome. I'm so excited. The suspense is killing me. Yes, I understand that I already know the results....that's why it was so funny.
I trust you'll keep reading.   Thanks, ~ B

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