Tuesday, July 23, 2013

25th New Thing ~ Ruby Slippers

I've never experienced anything like Soltura.
It more than qualifies as a New Thing in this year-long adventure. In this life-long adventure.

I confess that my attending Soltura had nothing to do with accomplishing a New Thing. It simply worked out that way.  I also confess that I'm not sure how best to share it with you here.

Soltura is a unique and profound experience. Requiring personal courage that I've rarely, if ever, witnessed or exercised. Yet, without question, the most emotionally safe environment I've known.

It's so easy to be hard on myself, being this far behind with the writing of the 50 New Things. It's a difficult flogging to dodge. But as I sit to write about the 25th New Thing : Soltura, I realize that the timing is perfect. And exactly as it was meant to be. Isn't this usually the case?

Many months ago, I asked a friend about her daughter, who lived out of state.
"How's she doing?"
"She's flying into town this week to attend a workshop out in Gig Harbor."
"Really," I said. "What kind of workshop?" I confess that I assumed it was some type of academic or occupational conference.
My friend didn't know all the details but said that the workshop incorporated symbolism from The Wizard of Oz.
I was instantly intrigued.
I looked up the website as soon as I got home, talked to my friend's daughter on the phone for a good long while (thank you, Daughter) and, not long after, signed up for the first in the Women's Trilogy series.

Because Soltura was so deeply personal and life altering, I'm not going to write about the workshop itself. This would be disrespectful to my own process and that of the women in my workshop. In addition, I don't want to create any preconceived ideas, in the event that Soltura might be in your future.

What I will tell you is go to the Soltura website . Really!
Look through the glorious images.. See the shining light in the faces there. The tears, the smiles.
Read the stories . Learn more about Soltura.

So far, I've gone through the 1st of the The Women's Trilogy .
Caught in a Twister (2013 May)  It was an honor to experience the workshop with my seven radiant and brave Soltura Sisters. I love each of these unique women.
I plan to proceed onto the 2nd workshop - The Yellow Brick Road.
One co-participant from my workshop is starting her second workshop this evening, as I type. I love that she's there. (Stay tight inside your shoes!) And wish I were sitting next to her. But my second workshop is yet to come.

I recommend Soltura without reservation. And with all my enthusiasm.
If you are interested (without giving away details of the workshop itself) I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

Whether you're interested in attending a workshop or not,
please GO TO the . . .  

The proceeds of this online auction help support the Soltura Scholarship fund.
I am happy to say that I applied for and received scholarship funds for a portion of my workshop.  I'm so grateful for the generosity of those who've supported Soltura (and me!) in one way or another. And I want to encourage you to browse the auction items; purchase something nice for yourself. Heck, you could get a jump-start on your Christmas shopping and in the process, help support this valuable effort.
But be quick, the auction ends July 28th! 

A crucial part of experiencing the workshop is 'unplugging.' Consequently, I didn't bring my camera and took only very few pictures with my phone before the workshop began. At which point, I turned my phone off and put it out of reach. I'm not including those pictures here, however, I recommend that you go look at the photos on the website. I view them frequently; they sooth my soul and serve as a steadfast reminder.

I'm choosing to let you look into and explore Soltura on your own. But I will share one part of my truth with you ...I'm not in Kansas anymore. And I'm so very grateful.  

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