Monday, August 6, 2012

2nd New Thing ~ Come Together

Saturday, July 28, 2012
A great day. Family birthday event. And, there in? 

The 2nd of My 50 New Things.

The party was well orchestrated and beautifully decorated. The chef fed us well. And we had the perfect mix of well-selected attendees.

There was something for everyone:
  • Face painting
  • Pomegranate Basil Mimosa drinking
  • Bubble blowing
  • Homemade Honey Lavender ice cream eating
  • Tiki torching
  • Balloon melting, when they get too close to the Tiki torches
  • Arts and craftiness, as favors for the Birthday BB to take home with her.

During dinner and conversation, the back ground music blended seamlessly. The Play List, formerly known as A Mixed CD, even more formerly known as The Mixed Tape.

And then, after the plates were cleared, we were treated to …..drum roll please ….Live Music featuring……drum roll again…….
Barbie on the drums!

My premiere public performance since my first drum lesson, last November. 

And the 2nd of my 50 New Things.

The stage was set, literally. Ciara and her roadie crew did a great job. Backdrop and platform. Groovy hippie beads. Amps, sound system with multiple technical parts that I didn’t understand. Twinkle lights. I had a few mimosas but I think there was even a disco ball.

People were encouraged to bring any musical instruments: Brass, woodwind? Keyboard, percussion? All types of guitars? Harmonica, accordion, didgeridoo? Whatever was sitting around their house.  

I can’t remember the entire inventory of instruments but I know there was at least one electric guitar, an acoustic guitar, bass guitars, tambourine, Connor’s red conga drum.
I think 2 year old Colton was trying to play the cat like a bagpipe but Smudge was having none of that.

During my little two song set, we were a trio. You know, just like Rush. Bassist, guitarist & drummer. I really only know one song pretty well: Come Together (Beatles). And, of the limited number of songs that I kind of know, we played No Such Thing (John Mayer).

Two songs. Thank you! Thank you very much.
Although I did add my vocals later, to a little ditty by John Cougar Mellencamp Cougar.

In spite of the fact that we aren’t ready for the studio and we have yet to name our band, it was a blast. I just banged the drums with a death grip on the sticks, hoping the other two of our trio knew what we were doing and played really loud. 

It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. However, we also were not as smooth as I’d hoped we’d be. We were a little muddy and rough.  I’m trying to surrender that perfectionist thing.

As I look back, the satisfaction of playing at the party wasn’t so much about playing to an audience, although that was a blast. But instead the experience of playing with others. That's where the real thrill turned out to be. What I’d like to do more of. That was the part that felt particularly brave on Saturday.
Perhaps the lesson I’ve learned with this 2nd New Thing is that some of the 50 Things will be self-contained, no learning curve needed but just the value of the experience. For other New Things, it will be a one-time event because the activity was great but won’t necessarily click with my spirit. And still other New Things will be the beginning of something. That’s how it is with the drums. I believe fully that this was just the first time I will play with other musicians. Learning to ‘jam’ starts somewhere. For me, the first How-to class was at my birthday party. 

Colin, Eph, Bryan, Ciara, Jax, T and others may not know it yet but I’m already making plans for future sessions. Not waiting for another family occasion but for the music gathering alone. We were quite sloppy and disorganized but every one of us had a great time and lots of laughs.
Next time, we’ll print up the lyrics. "Feet down below his knees..." "Groovin' up slowly..." And Rolling In The Deep by Adele.  


  1. I love this new rockin' Barbie. I think this is an awesome plan. Every thing we do has something to teach us. It's very wise to understand that the lesson may not be profound, but that the real value is that we learn something important about ourselves. Or in this case, something about Barbie.

  2. Another brave thing, Barbie. You're an inspiration! And thanks for sharing the great pictures.

  3. Humm, a drummer next door. This could be fun, now that you are "out". Were you wearing headphones?

    1. Yes. Headphones.
      It's easier to be brave and really HIT the drums when I wear headphones. Muffled from my beginner mistakes. Frankly, my most frequent 'mistake' so far is being timid. Holding back. Afraid.
      My drum instructor says I need to be 'mean' to the drums. I have yet to really let myself 'go' this way.
      I'm working in it.
      ~ B