Saturday, February 15, 2014

34th New Thing (cont.) ~ Panama : My New Found Love of Hazard Lights

Panama Traffic

I'd love to be able to tell you that this is what typical driving in Panama looks like. 

Or that this is what it looks like....

Or even this!

But I can't.
The driving in Panama is absolutely terrifying. This is no exaggeration. I am terrified every single time we hit the road.  I have no photos of what it's really like because it's not humanly possible to take pictures and have a death grip on the seat in front you at the same time. Plus I don't think a photograph can paint a true picture.

Seriously, traffic by itself is frightening, but throw in the random 'police check-points' (men in military fatigues holding guns), the Diablo Rojo (public transportation) and the chaotic construction projects on nearly every road, it's amazing we reach any destination successfully. (Thank God for Ephraim's defensive-driving superpowers!!)

And on the subject of first glance this may look like two people crossing the street.

How do you say 'au contraire' in Spanish? 
These two people are actually juggling bowling pins in the crosswalk, 
as traffic waits for the light to change. 
True street performers!

At almost every red light in Panama City, there is someone walking in and out of the waiting cars, attempting to sell something like cell phone cases, bottled water. Or in this case, soliciting financial appreciation for juggling talent and traffic bravery.

Remind me to tell you about the mean toll booth people who made us back up and out of one lane to move over to a different lane. Or you can ask the twelve cars behind us, who also had to back up. I'm sure they have some flowery and flattering words to share. There may have even been hand gestures; I wouldn't know as I was trying hard not to make eye contact. 

Just taking the mattress for a walk. 
Probably going to try to sell it at a traffic light in Panama City. 

Safely Home! 
(Sequoia is cuddling with Daddy but BB is still outside kissing the ground after surviving another trip to the grocery store.)

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