Sunday, April 7, 2013

Did you feel that?

Sitting in front of the fireplace, listening to the rain hit the glass, writing.
Knowing I should be getting to bed. It's almost 2 a.m. Need to work tomorrow. Albeit, not until noon.
When my house shakes. And keeps shaking, rattling and creaking for a few seconds.
It feels like the earth is moving.

Now there's been a lot of rain the last couple days. I live on a hillside. There was a major landslide in the Puget Sound region just recently. It's in the front of my mind.

But it felt like an earthquake. At least, my experience with earthquakes.
I only get a couple of antenna TV channels and not all the time. I can't just click over to some 24 hour news channel to check for Breaking News. My previous sound system had a radio tuner. But this new one doesn't.

Then it occurs to me. Duh......Internet, Barbie. (And I work in IT?)

For the first ten or fifteen minutes, nothing current comes up in a search. But then this link comes up, where it hadn't a few minutes ago:
It's a pretty cool site.

I clicked the Real-time Earthquake Map link on the left side. On the world map that comes up is a bright red dot on the Puget Sound. I scroll down and the top, most recent quake beneath the map says:
1 km ENE Key Center, Washington. 

Wow! It was an earthquake. In Key Center. Holy crow!! And I felt it. Maybe the piece I was writing was the epicenter. (It could happen!) 

I wonder if it woke anyone up. I feel fortunate to have felt it and wonder why. I was so tired and ready for sleep only 20 minutes ago. Just before the earthquake.

Now, I'm energized, excited and can't imagine falling asleep. Plus if that shaking was a precursor to a huge quake, big enough to open up the ground and swallow my house, I need to hurry up and get that Seattle/Sacramento NBA Blog post written. There's no time to lose!

(Too bad I've felt an earthquake before, otherwise this could have been a New Thing! Dang.)


  1. Even though its not a new thing, this on the spot reporting is awesome. I love it that you didn't slide down the hill.

    1. Yes, sliding down the hill was not my first choice. Although THAT would be another New Thing. Let's hope it doesn't come to that. Thanks for reading, Darcy. Love ~ B