Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanks Giving

The enthusiasm and support I've received from people the last few months and continue to receive, has been overwhelming. It comes in many different forms.
  • Ideas. 
  • Offers. 
  • Emails. 
  • Conversations. 
  • Comments & feedback. 
The first time someone said, "Great idea! I wish I'd thought of that!" it made my eyes water.

I am so thankful it's difficult to articulate. And I'm pretty good at the gratitude thing.

Thing 10, Thing 11 & Thing 12 came back-to-back. To back. (Reminds me of Dr. Seuss.)

It wasn't intentional but they fell on the same weekend. Each became possible and offered to me weeks earlier without my knowing all the details. I said, "Yes!"

When it came down to it, I needed to be at the Puyallup fair grounds early Friday, up in Seattle later Friday, back at the fair grounds early Saturday and for a good part of the day, then work on Sunday and straight back to the fair grounds, that afternoon.

The idea of driving out to my house, then heading back into 'town' between each event felt like a sure way to set myself up to fail. Bad self care.

Months earlier someone, that I treasure, looked at me and said, "If you ever just need a place to stay for the night so you don't have to drive so far, stay at my house. Seriously."

There's a very common social dynamic that I find particularly annoying: 
Saying things we do not mean.

Verbally offering something we never really intend to give.
We all do it to different degrees. But it seems we've become a society of repeat offenders. Some of us are outright felons. Feeling quite magnanimous as we throw out meaningless and insincere 'offers,' It's a way of life for some. I trust and intend that I am at the lesser end of this scale.

Having those three New Things happen over three days, just about kicked my ass. I'd been tired going in. When I finished #12, I'd done five New Things in less than two weeks. A New Thing about every three days.

There are a good number of individuals on this planet, who can safely, and without fear of lightening strike, place their left hand on the Bible, raise their right hand in the air and testify that, "Barbie is a picky bitch."

Kind of like Goldilocks. "This porridge is too hot." "This porridge is too cold." "This porridge is just right." I know exactly how she feels. Especially when it comes to comfort.

  • I want comfortable clothes, regardless of the latest insane, edgy trend.
  • I crave comfortable temperature and climate, not too hot, not too cold.
  • I enjoy comfortable conversation, which is genuinely a physical thing for me. That natural & easy emotional connection.
  • I love comfortable meals. I rarely eat on my feet or scarf down my food. I seek to relax while I enjoy a meal. Take my time. Get comfortable.
I am not, nor do I aspire to be, one of those people who can wad up their coat, and use it for a pillow under their head in order to sleep on the ground. No thank you.

I don't tend to stay at other people's houses. "It's late, why don't you just sleep here?" It has nothing to do with the person or the house. It's because I want my comfort. My book, my jams. My brownie and ice cream in bed. The scent of my body lotion. The fell of my warm mug in my hands. I want comfort, as I know it. Surrounded by the nest I've created for myself. My customized escape from the rest of the world.

One of my top comfort priorities is bed. A bed that invites peace, sinking into comfort and deep sleep.

A few weeks ago I helped a friend move. On his first night in the new place, I gave him the best advice that I know, about such things, "Get your bed set up first. Then no matter what else is a mess, you have your bed."

It's the first thing I do when I stay anywhere. Prepare the bed. Where I'll close my eyes.
Staying with a friend. Family. A hotel. A new home. I first make sure that the bed is ready.

When my kids were little and didn't want to go to bed, I'd remind them, 'You grow when you sleep.' I believe this. Whether it's spiritually, physically, emotionally. In whatever area we need, growth, re-energizing, renewal.

That crazy New Thing weekend, I needed a safe place to land, physical support to get me through. To rest, to exhale. Elise gave me this. Opening her home, so inviting and peaceful. It was precisely what my spirit called out for. I was able to breathe deep and sleep well.

It was an exciting, adventure-filled but EXHAUSTING weekend of Three New Things. A weekend I would not have been able to get through without help from Elise and other New Thing Supporters like her.
I can't thank them enough...
  • Elise & Jack, for their generous spirit and comfortable home. Allowing me sanctuary. An emotional embrace for my spirit. And the first bath I'd had in over a year. (More on that soon.)
  • Kim, for doing all the driving and parking for the Storm game. Handling all the practical details. I didn't have to decide anything. Just soak it up. 
  • Tami, for organizing communication with Dean, getting me in the right fair gate at the right time, sharing her fair admissions and parking passes with me. 
  • Juston & Dean, for letting me join them. Helping me through. 
  • C & C Studio for welcoming me into the Flash Mob at the last minute. 
  • Dellie, for her incredible and unwavering enthusiasm. And her sweet dance moves. 
  • Gary, Dellie's husband, who took pictures and the video. He was incredibly patient. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote:

For each new morning with its light, 
For rest and shelter of the night, 
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.

And for those, like myself, who prefer a good movie quote to a poem:

"Those who don't push the caravan from the muck, 
become one with the muck."

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