Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Word From Our Sponsors

I feel the need for some Bullet Points!!

  • "50 New Things" is still on course, of course.
  • The last post was #6: Jam
  • The winner of a jar of the non-store bought, non-restaurant glop, home-made Plum Blackberry Jam......for being the first to comment on Jam Session is......Midge! (Is that jam I see on Black Jack's nose, Midge?) Although I don't think Connor is hiding behind the jam; I think he's looking at the world through Plum-colored goodness. 
  • #7, #8 & #9 New Things have already taken place......but the writing/editing & posting awaits. 
  • I am trying to breathe and be patient with the writing part. I want to take my time, soak it up and enjoy. But confess there is a voice in my head that is kind of nagging and whining about this. I HATE that voice.
  • If the planets are aligned properly, #10, #11 & #12 may be complete in the next four days, by Monday Sept. 24th. 
  • So if my math is correct and the gods smile down on me, that will be 12 of the 50 New Things in only 9 weeks. 

I am overwhelmed by people's support and suggestions. I appreciate all the personal participation.

This picture represents the last scoop of home-made vanilla bean ice cream, the last little drizzle of Plum Blackberry 'syrup' that wouldn't fit in the jars and a delicious sugar cookie made, sprinkled and sent to me by a three-year old angel child I've never even met. Life is good. 

Please stay tuned.

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